Dubai to welcome tourists from 7th July

British tourists will be able to visit Dubai this summer as they prepare to welcome visitors from 7th July

The country has announced new travel protocols following the further easing of its lockdown. Also, ex-pats can return from today as the Gulf state reopens its borders.

As one of the most popular tourist destinations among British travellers, around 1.2 million tourists visited in 2019 from the UK. 

From 7th July, The UAE will welcome foreign tourists, with those arriving into the country having to provide proof through certificates, that they have recently tested negative for COVID-19. Alternatively, they could undergo a coronavirus test on arrival into the airport, which the Dubai government announced on the weekend. 

Their citizens and residents will also be allowed to travel abroad from 23rd June.

It was also added that international health insurance, coronavirus tests and a health declaration form will be mandatory for those visiting Dubai. 

The closure of shopping centres and private businesses has been lifted, allowing them to reopen. 




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