The Latest Travel Update And What It Means

The UK government has announced new requirements for returning to the UK.

If you’re travelling back to the U.K. over the coming weeks, you will need to take a COVID test before you return. This is a new step which is being introduced from 4am Tuesday, 7th December 2021.


This is a simple step very similar to what was in place a few months ago so therefore should not have any significant impact on your travel plans, plus the teams in the resort and at the airports will be very experienced at helping with this.


The announcement also saw Nigeria added to the Red List, meaning if you are returning to the UK from here you will need to quarantine in a government hotel.


Here's what you need to know:

  • Anyone travelling to the UK from this date must receive a negative COVID test no longer than 48 hours before travel i.e. within 2 days of travelling to the UK
  • This is regardless of vaccine status
  • The test can be an approved lateral flow/antigen test or a PCR test


This is in addition to a recent announcement that states all travellers to the UK will have to take a PCR test by the end of day 2 of their arrival; travellers must self-isolate until they receive a negative test result.

This is a very simple update to the rules and procedures and is only a little different from the rules which were in place just a few months ago. Therefore, this should not pose a significant issue for anyone travelling.

PCR tests can be ordered as they were before for a relatively small cost. It's still easy to book and travel, just plan to work from home for an extra day or two when you arrive home.


These announcements are similar to steps originally in place for travel recently and therefore should not cause disruption to your holiday. 


Recommendations for Test Kits

Based on current advice, we recommend buying a lateral flow test kit to take with you on your travels. Test kits are widely available from £17 upwards. You can then use this kit in the resort, but you must ensure you have proof of a negative result. (This may vary depending on the supplier of the kit, always check what is required.)

Although we do not supply test kits, we are aware of the following companies offering test kits online at reasonable prices:

Project Screen
C19 Testing

Note: We do not warrant or recommend any particular companies and you need to check the appropriateness for you and your travelling party. You should always check the Gov website for further information for the country you are travelling from/to as different rules may apply.



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