The New Travel Traffic Lights

The 'Global Travel Taskforce' has today paved the way for a safe return to travel. This means it's exciting times for holidaymakers.

They are reducing restrictions and introducing a new 'traffic light' systems for countries. Travel to green countries will mean no need to quarantine on return.

As we move towards the summer we are likely to see more and more countries added to the green list and an almost normal return to travel.


In fact, even the Government seem to be getting more excited about holidays.

The New Travel Traffic Lights

Transport secretary Grant Shapps has told BBC Breakfast he is no longer advising people against booking their summer holidays and says certainty on the outlook for the summer is just weeks away.

Shapps said a list of Green destinations under the government’s new traffic light system for international travel would be published in the next two to three weeks.


He went on to say:


"But this is probably the first time I can come on and say I’m not advising people not to book to go away this summer. Instead, I’m saying to people in two or three weeks, you’re going to have that green list of countries, and amber and red, so people will be able to take some of their own decisions “


At the moment we are seeing tour operators fighting for business with some of the best deals ever for 2022, 2023 and of course Winter 2021. Now is definitely a great time to be considering booking those future holidays because you may never see such good deals.

Get those holidays booked while you then consider your options for this year!


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