The UK enters travel quarantine!

A dramatic name for something which we are in many cases we are already doing. From the 8th June, those returning from International travels will have to enter a period of quarantine, or as we would prefer to say, self-isolation.

If you do travel, when you return to the UK you will have to provide details to Border Control to say where you will be self-isolating for the next 14 days. If you fail to do so, you face fines of up to £1000.

These new rules exclude any arriving from the Republic of Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.


What does this mean for your holidays?

The good news is that the quarantine rules will be reviewed after three weeks. Our hope is that if these strict rules help to demonstrate that travel is safe, borders and airports can open safely, then it will help to speed the return to normal travel.


Many tour operators cancelled holidays until 1st July

Jet2 and other tour operators have begun to cancel holidays up until the end of June. Your travel consultant will be in contact with you if you are affected by these changes.

This means that you will be offered the option to rebook for a later date, a refund credit voucher, or an option of a refund.

If you have travel plans in June but not yet heard from your travel consultant, simply get in contact with them today and they will be able to tell you your options.


I have a holiday booked in July or August, will they still happen?

At this stage, all holidays are booked from the 1st July onwards are scheduled to happen as planned (unless you have already been told differently). 

The new measures which have been announced are designed to help speed up the return to normality. It allows for the safe testing of airlines, airports and borders reopening and for the scientists to monitor the effects. 

The results will then allow us all to make confident and informed decisions about travel.

Travel plans for the summer are being reviewed all of the time.

Aircraft At this stage, all holidays are booked from the 1st July onwards are scheduled to happen as planned.

Will it be safe to travel after quarantine?

You can expect to see a lot of communications from the airlines, hoteliers, travel companies and moreover the coming weeks. They will be keen to highlight how safe travel is, what they have each done in turn to help protect customers and to reassure them.


What if I need to travel now?

The new measures allow for borders to reopen. This will allow you to start to travel providing you follow the rules of the country you are flying to and the UK rules when you return.

Your travel consultant will be able to help you make travel arrangements. 


Is the UK the only country to have quarantine?

No. Other countries such as Spain, Italy, Greece, Canada, the UAE, Australia and New Zealand all have similar measures in place. A number of other countries have introduced screening measures such as temperature checks and entry restrictions.


What if the country I want to travel to has quarantine measures?

Before you travel you should check the rules which apply. Each country is slightly different. If the UK eases its rules, you will still need to check the rules of the country you are travelling too.


What if I want to cancel my holiday for later this year?

Our advice is to talk to the person you booked your holiday through. They will be able to give specifics relating to your booking.

A general rule of thumb is that if you booked your holiday before April 1st and it’s for travel for later this year if you cancel it now, you will probably lose the money you have paid. However, if the holiday company or airline cancels the trip, they will offer you a credit, alternative departure date or a refund.

If you booked after the 1st April, you may find that the terms of your booking are more flexible. Therefore check with the person you booked your travel with.

We do not recommend changing your booking without checking first.

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