What is the exposure to COVID-19 on a passenger plane?

The head of IATA has voiced that the risk of contracting COVID-19 on board is in the "same category as being struck by lightning".

According to a US Department of Defence study, the findings are the risk on flights is very low. When a seated passenger is wearing a mask, an average 0.003% of air particles within the breathing zone around a person's head are infectious - even when every seat is occupied, as the study suggests.

It is estimated that a passenger would need to fly 54 hours on a plane with someone who has coronavirus to receive an infectious dose. 

The study found that about 99.99% of particles were filtered out of the cabin within six minutes due to fast air circulation, downward air ventilation and the filtration systems on the aircraft. You can read more about air-conditioning on planes here. 


To read more of the article and the study, click here.

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