A message to our key workers...


We will forever be thankful for everything you’ve done and everything you continue to do. You are heroes amongst us, and we wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you. To those on the frontline every day, we commend you in a way that words will never be able to convey.

These unprecedented times have sent shockwaves across the globe, and humanity has stepped up in a way to make us all proud. From Captain Tom Moore, to our own neighbours, kindness has shone through daily and made the world a little bit of a brighter place during these times.

We hope that you feel our love around you everywhere you go and know that what you do is important. No matter your job role, we couldn’t get through this without you. We know you have made incredible sacrifices to be able to continue your work, and these don’t go unnoticed.

Know that you are always in thoughts, and we will continue to do what we can to make sure things are a little bit easier for you. You go to work to save lives, we’ll stay home to save yours.



Love from everyone at Not Just Travel x

A poem from Steve Barker:

Forward without fear our guardian angels tread
Where unseen dangers await, hiding in the shadows
Personal safety but a distant memory, they prepare for war
Protection a flimsy affaire, still they advance.

Once given only a cautionary glance,
Now they stand proud in our hour of need
Vulnerable voices cry out in the night
Our guardian angles answer the call

When grief was all around their support, they gave
Some on the frontline, other there at the end
So much is owed to this band of few
There place in history assured

If I should fall, remember this of me
I gave my all where others feared to tread
I worked to save you all
Proud to be part of the care community

Art work of support from Not Just Travel

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