Destination Spotlight: Greece

When you think of Greece, the first thoughts that come to mind are their incredible dining, spectacular scenery, never-ending beaches and mind-blowing history, it’s a land steeped in ancient myths and it’s easy to see why tourists flock to the islands every year.

Storytellers say Greek Gods created the world, historians tell us it was the birthplace of democracy, maths and the Olympic Games, and incredible buildings have been discovered here, but these scattered gems amongst blue seas all have their own wow factor to encourage you to visit. From Hollywood inspiration such as Mamma Mia, Bourne Identity and Lara Croft, the Greek Islands have provided an awe-inspiring backdrop for many films.

Where to stay

The amazing thing about Greece is that you can stay in 2* traditional style inns that provide you with a homely feel, to 5* ultra-modern hotels that provide the highest level of luxury. You could even hire yourself and a group of friends a private villa for your stay, when it comes to accommodations, Greece really does have it all.  

For family-friendly resorts, you’ll want to head to places such as Kefalonia, where hidden gems and lush trails await you along with endless opportunities for land and sea. Head to Kos, more specifically Paradise Beach, also known as Bubble Beach, where white sands and clear waters line the shore, families will enjoy the famous air bubbles popping out from the shore!

For those looking for something a bit more livelier; Zante, Mykonos and Corfu offer a playground for nightlife where the summer parties start early and go on through the night. You can party like the celebs at world-renowned hangouts, get to know the many faces of the Greek nightlife from chilled vibes at hotel bars, to dancing at bars organised on the beach. 

What to do

Greece really does tick all the boxes when it comes to a perfect holiday. Whether you’re a sun worshipper wanting a week relaxing on the beach, or an adventure-lover seeking new adrenaline highs, Greece has it all.

Athens is home to The Acropolis, the crown jewel of the city, where nearly 2 million people a year visit this world heritage site, the incredible back story bedazzles too but we won’t give it all away! If you’re heading to Kefalonia, you must take a boat trip underground and sail across Melissani Lake. You’ll get to experience the magical atmosphere of this incredible cave enclosing a subterranean lake.  Pack a picnic while in Kos and sit beneath Hippocrates Plane Tree, a pleasant pastime allowing you to sit in the shadow of the man known as the Father of Medicine.

Where to eat

Tavernas and restaurants provide international cuisine alongside some incredible Greek dishes. Find somewhere local and try Gyros, meat roasted vertically turning on the spit, they’re a cheap but yummy meal! Although big on meat dishes, vegetarians and vegans can find many delicious dishes – give Dolmathakia a try – stuffed grape leaves with rice, pine nuts and fresh herbs! 

Greece like a local

If the endless activities each island offers isn’t enough for you, then hop off to another beach, another town or even another island! Island hopping is the new and upcoming way to take in Greece.  If you want to explore the amazing countryside, visit the spectacular sites or use some of the many hundreds of miles of marked hiking, then the ‘shoulder seasons’ would be the best time to visit. These are the spring and early summer months of April, May and June and the later summer months of September and October.

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