Experience The Rocky Mountaineer: What can you expect?

The Rocky Mountaineer is a luxury train ride taking in the best scenery across the incredible Canadian Rockies. This experience is high on many people’s bucket lists, but what is it like to actually experience it?


The Experience

The Rocky Mountaineer only operates in daylight hours and is not a sleeper service. This way you won’t miss any sights during the night. Once your leg of the journey is done for the day, the Rocky Mountaineer stops in an exciting city overnight where you can grab some dinner, take in local sights and rest your head for the night. SilverLeaf guests will stay in a popular hotel, while GoldLeaf guests will stay in a deluxe hotel. If you want to take it a step further, upgrade to GoldLeaf Deluxe for the swankiest hotels.


The journey itself onboard is your chance to witness incredible scenery unlike anywhere else, and therefore the train doesn’t stop like a normal train. You will typically spend 8-10 hours onboard before stopping overnight. This may sound like a lot but your onboard experience will have you wishing you could stay on longer!  Inbetween world-class dining and epic views, your hosts will keep you entertained with facts and stories, as well as point out the wildlife!

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You will be delighted to know that spectacular dining is a part of the journey.  When travelling from Seattle to Vancouver on the Coastal Passage in the evening, you will have dinner provided. For all the other routes, you will enjoy breakfast and lunch during your time on the train.

For those travelling in SilverLeaf Service, you will be served at your seat. For GoldLeaf Service guests, you will dine in a separate dining car on the lower level. You will be able to order from a 3-course, a la carte menu. No matter which service you travel in, snacks and drinks are provided throughout the day, supplied with local produce and Canadian Okanagan wines.

Stunning views

The service level you travel on will determine how you witness the stunning scenery on your journey. 

In SilverLeaf, you can expect huge picture windows next to your seat to allow you to see those great views. The train carriage is a single level one. 

In GoldLeaf Service, you’ll find two levels to the train, with dining on the lower and seating on top. Your views will be from a higher level so you get to see above the treeline. You’ll also have glass-domed roofs rather than picture windows allowing you 360° views. The best part? You’ll also find an exclusive outdoor viewing platform which gets you even closer to the views.

GoldLeaf Service onboard Rocky Mountaineer

Gold Leaf Service

With GoldLeaf Service, indulge your senses with gourmet meals prepared by Executive Chefs, and expansive views through the panoramic windows of a bi-level glass dome coach to the Canadian Rockies. 

Room…with a view; Stretch your legs and your viewing angles in our bi-level glass-dome coaches. Sink into your spacious seat on the upper level and enjoy meals in the lower-level dining area. 

Outdoor viewing platform; Step out onto your exclusive outdoor viewing platform to get closer to the action.  

You’ll taste the difference; Savour every second as you enjoy elegantly plated meals prepared with local ingredients from the comfort of a dedicated dining room – all the while, sprawling views of the Rocky Mountains will be unfolding right outside your window. 

Award-winning service; Sit back and enjoy the scenery as our Hosts attend to your every need. From entertaining you with stories about passing landmarks to topping up your glass of wine and calling out wildlife sightings, you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of.



Enjoy a free SilverLeaf to GoldLeaf rail upgrade for 2023 travel

Offer is applicable to Rocky Mountaineer 2-Day Tours on Journey Through the Clouds and First Passage to the West rail journeys in Canada. Rockies to Red Rocks 2-Day Tours in the US offer a free upgrade to SilverLeaf plus. Offer is available on all 2023 2-Day train departures except train journeys starting in September. Offer is applicable to the train portion of the package and does not include upgrade of hotel accommodation. Offer is subject to availability.

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