6 ways to travel without leaving your home

While travel may be off the cards, for now, virtual escapism is open to everyone with an internet connection.

In fact, now is the perfect opportunity to reminisce about your favourite holiday or get excited about your next adventure. 


Below are just 6 ways to experience travel without leaving the safety and comfort of home.

1. Virtual Reality

To keep travel alive, some destinations are setting up new and wacky ways to visit their incredible sights and attractions.

The best of the bunch...

2. Cook Your Favourite Cuisine

Remember those amazing tacos in Mexico? Or that awesome paella in Spain?

Why not try to recreate your favourite food from destinations across the world.

Be transported around the world as you enjoy the cuisine from the places you love the most. 


Cooking at home Cooking at home

It’s never been easier to book a holiday with our direct debit option, which means you can spread the cost across monthly installments. 

3. Google Earth

Why not visit your favourite destinations on Google Earth? Relive that moment from that epic family holiday you took or the awesome backpacking adventure. 

We’ve all searched our own houses on Google Earth (why is it we all do that?!), so instead search for that hidden beach spot you found in Greece. 

Even better, why not get the kids involved and make it into a geography lesson! 


Have you seen our COVID travel guide? If you're not sure where to start don't worry, we've got your back.

4. Get Your Read On

A good book is a cure for most things, so grab a travel-inspired piece and settle down and get cosy.

Here are a few recommendations...

A book can be just the thing to help feel your escapism need and bring some inspiration to your next travel destination. 

You could even set up a virtual book club with family or friends…

5. Travel Shows

With a bit more time on our hands, it has never been better to catch up on the travel-inspired documentaries. 

TV favourites: 

  • Race Across The World and witness couples try to get certain points in the world without flying, making sure to hit checkpoints along the way
  • Binge-watch David Attenborough Perfect planet series
  • Pedal the World sees Felix Starck on an 18,000km bicycle journey across 22 countries
Reading at home Reading at home

6. Tune in to the Travel Podcast

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