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We launched our brand-new podcast yesterday, The Travel Podcast, and it has rocketed since the get-go. With 6 episodes to ease you in, it’s easy to see why the downloads have flowed in continuously. We will be releasing 2 episodes a week so you always have something to look forward to!


Our aim is to make this the UK’s number 1 travel podcast.

In the first few hours of launch, we have 1000’s of downloads. Even more exciting was that within the first 24 hours we were ranking number 36 out of all podcasts in the UK, and given there are over 1 million podcasts available on iTunes, that shows how good it is. Plus we also ranked number 6 out of all Society & Culture podcasts. 


Around the world in 24 hours.

Reaching the likes of Australia, Qatar, Russia, USA, Turkey, Portugal and so much more, this is no doubt set to be a global success. Our podcast is relevant to people in every country as we discuss destinations across the world, we have special guests on from various corners of the globe. From learning about the local top tips to finding out the hidden gems, each episode focused on a destination will bring to light each uniqueness and inspire you to discover more. 

What you can expect:

Set with the aim to inspire you, discuss the latest travel news, highlight what’s happening in travel and provide top tips and insights into incredible destinations, it’s a one-stop-shop for those who love travel. The dedicated panel are all extremely passionate about travel and have incredible knowledge of varied destinations.

Each episode will feature:

  • The low-down on what’s new in travel
  • Feel inspired for your next trip away
  • Get ahead with insight into holiday deals  
  • Discover the latest trends and topics
  • Plus some episodes will have special guests

5 reasons you need to listen to it today:

1. Feel inspired, find out the best places to go and the hidden secrets of your next holiday destination, all without leaving home

2. The Travel Podcast will give the most up-to-date news on coronavirus as countries start to ease lockdown restrictions

3. Gain access to inside knowledge - Each week there will be interviews with tourism boards, airlines, bloggers, destination experts

4. Get a much-needed dose of travel wanderlust – even if you can’t go on holiday right now, this is a guaranteed ‘feel good’

5. No more time spent searching online for inspiration on where to book your next trip, what to consider etc. – Listen on the go


If you haven’t listened yet, you can download and subscribe for free below:

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