Think Pink: The Most Stunning & Dreamy Pink Hotels

On Wednesdays, We Dream Of Pink Hotels...

Whether it's Ibiza or Barbados you will find the picture-perfect pink aesthetic of dreams. Here are two dreamy pink hotels:

Grand Paradiso, Ibiza

Think Art-Deco glamour with a side of cinematic wonder.

Set in the heart of San Antonio Bay, this is the ultimate Instagrammable hot spot.

Their plan is simple: to keep you entertained from the moment you arrive until you check out. Concerts, Karaoke, exhibitions, pop-ups, aerobics classes in the purest 80’s Jane Fonda style…

Cobblers Cove, Barbados

Pink paradise in Barbados.

The 1940s mansion is a draw to travellers from all over the world, all coming for a taste of romance and tranquillity on the calm west coast of Barbados.

There isn't a moment in the hotel where you don't feel immersed in a dreamy pink haze with sparkling seas, sun-kissed days, peace & privacy. We're sure you are thinking "Where do I check in?" Us too!

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