Top 5 reasons to cruise from the UK

Cruising from the UK can be the start of an unmissable adventure, meaning you can start your holiday from day one! Enjoy the unrivalled pleasures of onboard life while you sail to your fabulous destinations.


1. No luggage limit

Definitely one of the top perks, no flights means no airline luggage limits! Meaning you can pack that extra outfit and shoes and not have to worry about paying any fees for doing so. Top tip: You still need to get your luggage from home to port so make sure it fits in the boot!

No luggage limits on what you can pack!

2. No flying

Perfect for those who are nervous fliers, and even for those who hate waiting around in a departure lounge, as soon as you arrive at the port at your check-in time, it’s smooth sailing (pun intended) from here on out meaning you can board and get straight to your cabin! You’ll still have to go through security, but then it’s time to make yourself at home and enjoy your floating resort.


3. Short night itineraries

Sailing from the UK opens up awesome short itineraries, meaning if you’re new to cruise you can sample a shorter itinerary than a 7+ night cruise. It’s also great for a weekend away, why not visit some European cities?


4. Distance 

The UK is close proximity to the Med meaning you can choose to head south to beaches, sailing overnight and waking up in a new country. Alternatively, head north up to the Baltics, or even Norway and set your eyes on the Fjords.


5. Sail on Anthem of the Seas®

Anthem of the Seas isn’t the same old song. It’s a rallying cry for all the thrill-seekers, gourmet globetrotters and adventure aficionados. With spaces that transform on the fly and some of the fleet’s best family-friendly onboard activities, no other cruise ship packs in more cutting edge experiences in one single day.


Anthem of the Seas®



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