Where to celebrate St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in more countries than any other national festival, so to help you decide where you should celebrate, we’ve rounded up the top destinations to take part. 


If lively parades and pub crawls take your fancy, then Chicago is the place for you. Irish taverns are packed with revellers, and jovial crowds fill the city streets as the Chicago River sparkles emerald green. The dyeing of the river is a beloved tradition in Chicago which dates back over half a century! Grab a spot between State and Columbus, make sure you’re down there early as the waters turn green around 9am and lasts for 5 hours. You’ll also find one of the country’s largest parades, travelling north on Columbus Drive, you’ll want to make sure you’re donning your best green attire while you take part in the 3-hour celebration. 


In Dublin, festivities will start on 14th March this year and last around 4 days with the city full of funfairs, live music, a 5k race and ‘Greening the City’ which will see Dublin’s most iconic buildings lit up with green lights. Order a Guinness. It’s practically the law (or so it should be) that if you’re in Ireland to celebrate Paddy’s Day then you need to join the locals for a pint. No pressure, but everyone’s doing it. Cork will also be holding similar festivities also lasting 4 days bringing to the table a line-up of street performers, food vendors and musicians. 


According to U.S News & World Report, Boston actually holds the title for hosting the first St. Patrick’s Day parade. The parade will take place on 15th March this year, starting at Broadway ‘T’ Station and ending at Andrew Square, the best viewing spot is along Broadway so make sure you’re there in time to secure your place. The Boston Irish Tourism Association provides guided walks of the Irish Heritage Trail every March with over 200 years of Irish history in Boston. The Irish Film Festival will feature several Irish productions that will take place at the historic Somerville Theatre in Davis square. 

New York

The Big Apple’s sheer size puts it in the running for top contender, let alone the parade that takes place down Fifth Avenue. Starting at 11am and running until around 5pm it’s one not to be missed. The city also hosts pub crawls, as well as literary events, performances and authentic Irish food. Drinks are coloured green as part of celebrations, and sometimes even the food is dyed green. The city will be alive with joyful festivities splashed in green so make sure you’re donning your outfits to match! 


St Patrick's day was made for Seattle. With an ideal climate for cosy Irish pubs, there’s nothing like heading in and warming up with a Guinness.  Watch the parade, or head to the Irish festival and fully immerse yourself. The city actually has a week dedicated to the festivities, with events that get plenty of fanfare, don’t forget to check out the smaller events taking place around the city! The Seafair Pirates will land on the shores of South Lake Union on 13th March around 5:30pm, you can then follow along to Pioneer Square where you’ll find a mini-parade.



No matter where you’re heading for St Patricks Day, make sure you go green, grab a Guinness and even groove along to an Irish dance.


Not sure where to head? Get in touch with your Personal Travel Consultant today and let them plan it for you.

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