Where to go in October

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With autumn making an entrance and Christmas on the horizon, October is the perfect time for a last-minute getaway. Make like migrating geese and head south to warmer climes for a long weekend, or venture further afield to take in some breathtaking autumnal scenery.


Best for culture without the crowds

We know what you’re thinking: Venice is always crowded. Not so. Tourism in Venice peaks during the spring and summer months, becoming significantly sparser in the chilly months. We say chilly, but Venice in October stays at a more-than-comfortable 15°C, so think more light jacket than long johns.

With no crowds to contend with and no blazing heat to battle against, walking around Venice in October is, dare we say it, a much more pleasant experience. Join a walking tour and let an expert guide you around the city, or wander round of your own accord and take in the many, many landmarks that Venice has to offer.

In no particular order, Venetian landmarks that you absolutely must visit include St Marks Basilica with its floor to ceiling mosaic interior, Murano Island for its world-famous glass, and the Doge’s Palace where you’ll find the Bridge of Sighs.

It goes without saying that no visit to Venice is compete without a trip on a gondola, or take the #1 vaporetto for a bus ride with a difference: this one takes you the entire length of the Grand Canal.


Best for amazing autumn scenery

Japan has an astonishig amount of gorgeous scenery that completely transforms throughout the seasons, from the soft pink cherry blossom of spring to the warming amber hues of autumn. There are so many places worth visiting in Japan, but for the most spectacular scenery, head to Mount Fuji.

Standing at 3,776m tall, it’s Japan’s tallest peak – but don’t worry, you don’t have to climb it to enjoy the views. In fact, one of the best views around is of the mountain itself with its iconic profile and snow-capped summit.

Of the five lakes situated at the foot of Mount Fuji, Lake Kawaguchi is arguably the best for enjoying the autumn scenery. The Fujikawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival takes place every year by the lake, featuring a market and special events to celebrate the season. It’s also the most picturesque place to enjoy stunning views of Mount Fuji beyond the lake and through the autumn foliage.


Best for scenic escapes

Cultural hotspots draw in the crowds, but go off-season and you’ll avoid the tourist chaos and enjoy cheaper rates on flights and hotels.

The city straddles Europe and Asia over the Bosphorus Strait, and influences from both continents can be seen throughout. Istanbul features distinct areas where various empires once ruled, and there are plenty of sights to see. From the Roman-era Hippodrome in the Sultanahmet district to the iconic Byzantine Hagia Sophia with its dramatic 6th century dome, Istanbul is one place you’ll definitely want to take your camera.

With its unique heritage, Istanbul is absolutely full of places to snap. Its Ottoman-era Sultan Ahmet Mosque is known for its blue tiled interior, also giving it the name the Blue Mosque. More Ottoman history can be found at the Topkapi Palace, which dates from around 1460 and was home to Ottoman sultans up until the 19th century.
Nearby, you’ll find the Spice Market, as well as the Grand Bazaar, where you can put your bargaining skills to the test – the perfect way to integrate yourself with Turkish culture.

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