Where will team NJT be travelling to?

We caught up with head office members to find out where they will be heading to when we’re allowed to travel again! Although we’re not allowed to travel anywhere currently, it hasn’t stopped us dreaming of future holidays and adventures, so here are some of our top picks:


These 4 walls have got me dreaming of varying landscapes, being surrounded by people and exploring my favourite country, Vietnam.

I had a trip planned for this Easter and was really excited to be returning to explore the destination I fell in love with whilst backpacking, ten years ago! But alas we have rebooked for next year and I can’t wait to sit on a tiny plastic chair in the middle of the street with a bowl of hot steaming Pho and an ice-cold Saigon (beer) whilst watching the locals chatter away.

As soon as the plane lands I am catching a train to Bai Tu Long Bay so I can indulge in kayaking the crystal clear waters, exploring the tiny islands and then catch the sleeper bus to Hoi An for some much needed (larger sized – a lot of chocolate has been consumed in quarantine) tailored made clothes. 

Vietnam Jules' top pick - Vietnam


To celebrate once lockdown is over, I will be planning a big trip island hoping in Hawaii, starting in Kauai (the “Garden Island”) exploring Waimea Canyon “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”, a sunset cruise along the Napali Coast and kayaking Wailua River. Next, I’ll fly to the Island of Hawaii “the Big Island“, this is one of my favourite places in the world! You can experience all but four of the world’s climate zones on the island from Wet Tropics to Polar Tundra, it is an inspiring island to explore. From Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to the snow-capped peaks of Maunakea, which is one of the best places in the world to stargaze. Hoping the short 35m flight from the Big Island to Maui (as You’re Welcome from Moana starts playing in my head) I’ll be heading out on to the water for an Eco-Adventure for a Whalewatching trip as well as finding some new hikes and beaches to enjoy.

Ending my island hoping trip in O’ahu, I’ll be kayaking to Gorilla island (as I like to call it), heading to the North Shore to snorkel and zip line through Kualoa Ranch (last time I visited Kualoa Ranch, a new movie was being filmed on location) and of course a night out in Honolulu before I fly to Vegas. A couple of nights in Vegas, taking in the Lipsmacking Foodie Tour (this is a must-do tour for all you foodies out there), a hike at Red Rock Canyon, afternoon tea at the Skybar, people-watching in Downtown Vegas and some cocktails on the strip before heading home.

Hawaii Matthew's top pick - Hawaii


When we’re allowed to travel again, I will definitely be chasing the sun so it kind of depends when that is! I’m definitely feeling an all-inclusive beach holiday so that I can rest, and recharge again, so will probably head to Greece. I’ve visited Zakynthos twice, so will more than likely visit a different island. I absolutely love Greek food, so can’t wait to go try the local tavernas. Despite wanting all-inclusive, I’ll still make sure I eat out. Greece has always been somewhere I’ve loved, the waters are the bluest blue you’ll ever see, and I just love the locals, they’re so welcoming and friendly. To be honest I could do with a week feeling like a Greek Goddess!


And if we’re not allowed to travel until much later in the year, then I think Australia will have to be on the cards as it would be their summer season. Australia has always been on the bucket list, I feel like the way of life down under is completely different from here. I’m itching to go to Bondi Beach, see the lifeguards and maybe even attempt to surf (although my balance probably won’t allow that!) I definitely want to visit some awesome sights such as Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the Whitsundays, so watch this space.

Greece Lauren's top pick - Greece

We don’t know when we’ll be allowed to travel again, but we do know that when we are allowed, travelling will be top of a lot of people lists. It’ll mean more to people and we’ll take things in differently, and truly appreciate how lucky we are to travel this incredible world. We can’t wait until our suitcases are packed and we hear our flight be announced boarding. We’ll see you soon.


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