The Travel Podcast Episode #3: Australia First Time

Podcast: Australia first time

Australia is one of the most popular long haul destinations but with so many options, so many great things to see and do, where do you start?

In this episode, we give you an insight into what could be the perfect first trip for anyone heading to Australia, for the very first time.

We'll answer these questions and much more...

  • How long should I go for?
  • What’s the best time of year to go?
  • Should I try and see a bit of everything, or just focus on one area?
  • Didn’t most of Australia go up in smoke during the bush fires?
  • What are the best tourist attractions to see the first time?
  • Does it need to cost a lot?


Your hosts

Steve Witt

Juliet Heather

Lauren Roberjot-Clarke

Matthew Butler


Special guest

Alison Lee: Destination Trainer | UK & Northern Europe | Tourism Australia


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Koala Story


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