The Travel Podcast Episode #38: Israel

Podcast: Israel 

Israel…small in size, but massive in what it offers its visitors. 

Israel is situated on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean in the small area where Asia meets Africa.  This location means it’s blessed with amazing weather – long hot summers and mild, pleasant winters. One of Israel’s best unique selling points is its incredible history.  For millennia, this small area has been the centre of human development.

Israel is also a place that offers plenty of fun! And one of the best places for this, is Tel Aviv; a vibrant city that is not only the business centre of the country, but it's also the place to party. 


Find out more in this episode!


Your hosts

Juliet Heather

Matthew Butler 

Special guests

Sharon Ehrlich Bershadsky | Israel Tourist Office

Michelle Roberts | Israel Tourist Office 


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