The Travel Podcast Episode #5: Touring

Podcast: Touring

Have you ever thought about embarking on a touring holiday? This episode will debunk the common myths surrounding 'touring' and reveal why it's worth considering. 

Touring is one of the most enriching ways to explore a destination, you’ll have more opportunity to interact with locals and find hidden gems, that you wouldn’t necessarily find on your own. Not to mention a tour guide will often you straight to the front of queues when visiting key landmarks.

The common myths we'll debunk in this episode:

  • Adventure touring is only for backpackers and active people
  • You won't have any time for yourself
  • People move in a big group following a flag
  • Tours are fast-paced in order to cram everything in
  • You won’t get to meet the local people
  • Escorted tours are just for old people
  • Tours are more expensive
  • It means basic accommodation and food

Your hosts

Steve Witt

Matthew Butler

Lauren Roberjot-Clarke

Juliet Heather


Special guests:

Sarah Weetman, Head of Sales, Just You and Travelsphere

Stu Darnley, National Sales Manager G Adventures


Useful links:


Just You

G Adventures

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G Adventures - Virtual Travel Experiences

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