The Travel Podcast Episode #55: The Two Bohemians

Podcast: The Two Bohemians

Lauren and Jules welcome Tyler and Luke, also known as The Two Bohemians! They take pride in living consciously, travelling the world and working online. 

Mindfulness is something they factor incredibly well into their daily lives, and in this episode allow us an insight into how their day-to-day looks, as well as navigating a new way of travel in COVID times.

  • What’s it like travelling in a campervan?
  • Where are their favourite destinations
  • Their top travel tips
  • What they think travel will look like post-COVID


Your hosts

Lauren Roberjot-Clarke

Juliet Heather


Special guests

Luke & Tyler | The Two Bohemians


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The Two Bohemians






Tyler and Luke actively live and travel consciously!
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