The Travel Podcast Episode #7: Scottsdale, Arizona

Podcast: Scottsdale, Arizona

We’re in Scottsdale, Arizona for this episode where The Travel Podcast team are joined by Emily, who works for the tourist board. With 330 days of glorious sunny weather, and hitting 40 degrees celsius in the summer, it won’t take much convincing to visit this metropolis.

  • Isn’t Scottsdale part of Phoenix?
  • What is the flashlight tour of the botanical gardens?
  • Are there a lot of outdoor activities available?
  • What does the art district include?
  • Learn about the infamous brussel sprout nachos
  • The ideal itinerary for a first-time visitor


Your hosts

Matthew Butler

Juliet Heather


Special guest

Emily Wininger 


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Getting to Scottsdale

Urban tours



Best nachos in Scottsdale

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