The Travel Podcast Episode: Seacations

Podcast: Seacations

Join us as we talk about the hottest holidays in the UK today…Seacations?


Sea what we hear you ask! Until recently there were very few options for cruises out of the UK, and if you didn’t like the idea of cruises you might be forgiven for not considering going. But now the world has changed and everyone wants to cruise from the UK.


In fact between June and September 2021, we have counted:


  • Over 250 different cruises leaving from the UK
  • 18 different cruise brands offering cruises
  • 20+ cruise ships

All of this means there is more choice and something for everyone, even those who don’t like to cruise.


Listen to this latest podcast where we talk about why cruising right now is so amazing, the different choices available, the cruises which you might prefer and lots more.


Your host

Steve Witt

Dave Pope


Special guests

Ross Johnson | Personal Travel Consultant

Rachel Tredwell  | Personal Travel Consultant



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