The Travel Podcast: Relax As Hard As You Like

Podcast: Relax As Hard As You Like

In this episode, Steve is on location and we're taking a look into a Neilsons holiday where you can 'relax as hard you like'!

How do you make this happen? Well, you take great locations, activities like watersports, cycling & tennis and mix in with the best beaches, great food and spas to create endless opportunities to spend your days as active or relaxed, as you like.

Not to be confused with your typical resort, a Neilson holiday is unlike any other. Listen to find out why!

It doesn't matter whether you relax doing 360s in the Med, surfing the powder of the Dolomites, cruising the blues of the Alps as a total newbie, or by taking a breather on a sunbed, with just headphones for company. Whatever makes your heart sing (even if you're still figuring that out) you're in good hands for a truly memorable break from the everyday.


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Relax as hard as you like
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