The Travel Podcast: Travel Trends & Predictions For 2022

Podcast: Travel Trends & Predictions For 2022

As 2021 draws to a close, the team take a look at the year ahead; including what they think will be big in 2022.

From bucket list trips, milestone birthday bashes and sporting events, some old favourites along with new hitters come to the forefront of 2022's travel trends.

Listen today to find out what countries you should be exploring this year, along with some tips from the team.


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Steve Witt

Lauren Roberjot-Clarke

Dave Pope


SPEAKERS: Steve, Lauren, Dave
Steve  00:00
Coming up in episode number 72 of the travel podcast, we take a look at our predictions for the year ahead. In the world of travel, we think 2022 is gonna be one of the biggest ever years in travel, which could be a problem for you, as there's going to be so many great ideas for travel. So stay tuned for another exciting episode of the travel podcast.
Intro  00:21
You're listening to the travel podcast, travel podcast, today's most exciting travel destinations brought to you by people with a real passion for travel, great holiday ideas, real reviews, practical advice, and all the best deals and one single podcast, the travel podcast. Now here is your host, Steve weird,
Steve  00:44
everyone, welcome to another edition of the travel podcast where we aim to inspire you with some of the best ideas for holiday destinations in the world. Today, I'm joined by Dave and Lauren. Hi guys,
Dave  00:57
I save.
Steve  00:59
Now, this could be the last podcast from 2021 You listening to or possibly the first travel podcast of 2022 when you're listening to it. So today, we're gonna be talking about what we think is gonna be on trend, or what we think is gonna be happening in the world of travel in 2022. Now, we spent a couple of minutes before coming on air talking about this, this could be a very long podcast, because we think there's going to be a lot happening. So we've got no order to this other than a lots of great things we think you're gonna be seeing in 2022, based on what we're seeing happening right now in the world of travel, and what we know is coming up so Dave, where should we start? What do you think is gonna be on trend for 2022?
Dave  01:46
I start with two words, Steve bucket list. Yes, bucket list, and also what they call these days, milestone holidays. It's those trips, those holidays that people have always talked about. But now they want to get round to actually do it. I think what I'm seeing is a life's too short not to do it. So we're talking about things like Mauritius, Maldives, Caribbean, round the world cruises, all those and also, people, when are they all going away? They're they're upgrading? Yeah, I think somebody said it's the year of the holiday upgrade. So when they are going, they're upgrading their flights in their rooms. So that's one big trend I'm seeing at the moment, Steve?
Steve  02:25
So is that because people have had more time to think about it a little bit more money in the bank, because maybe they've been on holiday for a little while. So they're thinking, blow it. Careful, my words, blow it, we will spend a bit more and do those things we've been putting off? I think
Dave  02:41
it's a bit of both Steve, I think you're right. Because, you know, we know that people probably haven't, or definitely, of the last year or two haven't had the holiday that they really wanted. And they've compromised somebody, they were pretty sit at home. It may have been the UK, or it may have been Europe or maybe they haven't been at all. So it's a combination of maybe being stuck in the house, maybe you know, working at home. But also if they haven't traveled, then you're right. They've got a bit more disposable cash to spend, Steve. So, yes, we're seeing a lot of that.
Steve  03:11
I reckon there's also those people who are thinking Life's too short. I'm not going to put it off. I'm going to do it now. And we've all come to a realization over the last 18 months that let's not wait. So what's on your bucket list?
Lauren  03:27
Quite a few destinations. Actually. I've had a lot of time to sit and think about where I want to go. I think one of the top ones is actually Africa. For me. I really want to go do a safari kind of on which ties in with Dave's bucket list holidays that people are looking into. And I think as well people are gonna want a holiday where you can go sightsee explore the culture, but then have that relaxation as well. So for me, Africa is definitely on one of the lists that I've seen is becoming quite popular at the moment, which is nice to see.
Steve  03:58
Nice. I've never done a safari. Dave, what's on your bucket list?
Dave  04:03
Bucket List. Well, I have been before see, but I am going to go back to Australia in 2023. I know it's a destination we're going to talk about but it's it's a bucket list for a special birthday, Steve. We won't talk numbers today, but it will be a special birthday. Yes. 35th Was it? Absolutely right, Steve. Yeah. 35 Yeah, I've been. I've had a hard, long paper round Steve.
Steve  04:25
It's good job. This is an audio podcast. People can't see Lauren laughing at that.
Dave  04:30
And then they can't see me that I'm obviously not 35
Steve  04:34
Very good. So bucket list. Martin holidays is definitely going to be trending for next year. Lauren, what else do you think is going to be trending?
Lauren  04:41
I think solo travel is gonna be big trending. And you and Dave said it kind of fast. And he said, life's too short. I think people now aren't gonna wait around for their friends or family to go to destinations. And so I think people getting up and going out and exploring by themselves. Going to be kind of a big thing now for sure.
Steve  05:01
Do you think you'll have to be brave to do that sort of thing? Or is it getting easier?
Lauren  05:05
I think it's getting easier. We're seeing a lot of operators now doing kind of solo tours purposely. So you'll go and meet other like minded people kind of be in a group like that. So you've got that safety around you. And we're still getting off to explore by yourself.
Dave  05:21
I think I think also, you know, people travel on their own for many different reasons, you know, and it's, you know, it's been popular for a long time. I think Lauren's right, you know, next year, maybe people that wouldn't have gone away on their own have now got a bit of extra courage. And yeah, life is too short. And yeah, I think it's a great thing to do. So long time since I traveled on my own state, but it's a lovely thought,
Steve  05:41
well, I've done a fair bit of traveling for work over the last couple of years. On my own. I know it's for work, but it's actually been so easy, because the airports are a little bit quieter destinations a little bit quieter. It's been really nice.
Dave  05:55
Yeah, definitely. Yeah,
Lauren  05:56
I think people will use them as workstations as well. And of working from home, but working from anywhere in the world. So that ties in with the solo travel,
Steve  06:03
did you just make that word up?
Dave  06:07
Work Haitian village, right, there's a real trend of people that are going away for maybe a year and then moving their office. Because, you know, the working from home thing. They've stretched it a little bit, but I think I've seen people go and work in Barbados on a workstation. Because if you've got internet and a laptop, then pretty much you can work anywhere. So workstation is definitely a word. Yeah,
Steve  06:30
you can pretty much hide it as well, because you just have a blank wall behind you. And nobody knows, do
Dave  06:35
they? Yeah, I could be in Mauritius right now. stiff.
Steve  06:38
You could be I'm not
Lauren  06:42
I actually read an article about someone who went on holiday to Mexico, they did a long destination for 10 days. So they had seven days of annual leave and use the three days and they worked from their balcony from it, which I thought was quite genius.
Steve  06:57
Don't go good ideas, guys. So one of the things I reckon we're gonna see a lot more of and we've already seen this in 2021. But cruising cruise became so popular suddenly out of the UK with the sea cations staying sort of around the the coastal waters of the UK in 2021. So many people decided to give it a try for the first time. Therefore this year, I think we're gonna see loads and loads more people trying it I think we will see occasions happening certainly from the UK, which will be great because they're a lot of fun. But I think people are going to go exploring from the comfort of a nice, luxurious, maybe all inclusive cruise ship. What do you guys reckon?
Dave  07:41
Wow, I have first hand experience. Steve, as you know, is going back to the word I used earlier, which was compromised and so this year, you know, I was supposed to be in somewhere else. Let's be honest. I was supposed to be in Dubai, it didn't happen. So I went on a sea occasion I'd never cruise even my life part from there, the ANA white ferry, but I've never cruised. And we did four days. It just went over to the French coast and Southampton to Southampton. And what it did was fantastic. It was luxurious things for the kids as entertainment, everything. But what it is does now is now whetted my appetite for going a bit further afield as well as Mrs. Pope as well. So 50% Apparently of people that went on to see Keishon were first time cruisers last year Steve so I think they're you know, combine that with the regular cruises that maybe didn't get the one or two cruises a year they normally do then that shows on it'd be a huge amount of demand for cruise this year. Next year.
Steve  08:39
So subject for you Lauren, because Didn't you miss out on a cruise this year?
Lauren  08:42
I did. I did miss out on my cruise but I've read books it was I've never gone to the Norwegian fjords and but I have read books it so it is happening.
Steve  08:52
Very nice. I did my first cruise this year on Asmara. Lovely Little Sea little little luxury cruise ship. There's only about 200 of us onboard. Absolutely amazing random Greek islands could not speak highly enough of it. mazing food amazing destinations and so, so safe because everybody on board had been you know, been sort of gotta have the double vaccinated and tested before you went on and everything. So arguably one of the safest ways of traveling I'd say
Dave  09:27
talking about Norwegian fjords and is one of the most popular cruise searches at the moment because quite topical on TV at the moment as well Steve and the time of year being sort of Christmas time. So Norwegian fjords is a very very popular trend for for next year for cruising looks amazing.
Steve  09:43
Because stuff and you were saying earlier Dave that there was around the world cruise that went on sale wasn't it?
Dave  09:49
Yeah, absolutely right and this this links into our bucket list and sort of milestone holidays and there was a round the world cruise that came was published a while ago a few months ago for two things. 1023 sold out in one day. Yeah, one day. So I mean, that's just one of many different round the world cruises with all the different brands that we have sold out in one day.
Steve  10:11
Brilliant. So so far we've had bucket lists. We've had solo travel, we've had cruise. What else do you think think is gonna be trending? Dave?
Dave  10:21
I have a new one stiff. Oh God, this is a new one. It's called disconnection holidays. Yes,
Steve  10:27
another made up word for today. I
Dave  10:29
have actually just made that word up today but it's to use another word zoom in US holidays. So as people I think that I've had a lot or too much of zooms of emails of working at home. They want to go and get away from it. They want to get away from you know, unless your worst thing Steve but being away from wireless, but But bringing in some activity to that as well to cycling, cycling, walking, yoga retreats going to learn to cook, so it's no thing people want to go away and have experiential travel. So disconnection holidays or zooplus Holiday say again, it's a new word
Steve  11:10
that fills me with dread I don't know about you, Lauren, you probably get away from your computer but
Lauren  11:16
I think you need to disconnect every now and then there's a few hotels that I've seen that do like you don't have TVs in your room at the Wi Fi is really limited and stuff like that. I think it's good every now and then to kind of disconnect
Dave  11:28
I think I've struggled with my two kids if I didn't have a TV in the room away. I'm okay with it. But But Lauren, could you leave your phone at home do you think?
Steve  11:36
Yeah, easily? Because you wouldn't want to because you want to download the podcast and listen to those while you're on your desk. What else Lauren
Lauren  11:47
I'm sorry that our big events happening next year that I think we're gonna see those destinations become popular. We've obviously got the World Cup happening over in Qatar. So I think that's going to be big. And, and also Beijing for the winter 2022 Olympics. I see both of those kinds of events have big followings. And so I think we're gonna see them kind of top the trends for next year for sure.
Steve  12:09
Because we definitely saw that with huge interest in Japan, didn't we? Last year? Was it?
Dave  12:16
Yes, Tokyo Olympics. Yeah.
Steve  12:18
So yeah, absolutely. So that does definitely trend with rugby as well, people follow these sporting events around the world. So that'll be interesting to watch.
Dave  12:30
It's funny, we also we've, you know, I've seen people already booking Grand Prix keys for next season, on the back of the season, just finishing in now that's obviously stirred some sort of desire with with, with customers for booking Grand Prix is for the next time.
Steve  12:44
Brilliant. So I also reckon we're going to see two sort of camps, if you like, this year, coming up, in terms of people booking holidays, I reckon we'll see those people booking really early. And those people booking really late. Because there's obviously some people are a little bit uncertain on things. But there are so many great deals right now. So people are gonna be booking those, but also, in travel, you've never traditionally been able to book that far in advance. But today, you can literally book for 2024. And people back in those bargains, I think Megan and it was a big trend and people booking way ahead, get it booked nice and early, secure it, get their plans in place. And then now wait for the last minute book, maybe some of this year. So you're gonna see two camps, all those people are just a little bit uncertain. We'll leave it to the last minute. So I reckon you'll see two ends of the scale and maybe not so much in the middle.
Dave  13:42
It's sort of reversed in a way, I guess, where people would normally book sequentially, their next one a day, then the next one, and they and they're doing it the other way around, like you say this. So let's get something booked in for 2003 or four and take advantage of this, the great offers and deals that around, then we'll come back to say the summer, and hey, I might have an impulse booking. And go next week, depending on what's happening, you know, so I think it's two or three different types of customers now.
Steve  14:10
And I reckon you'll have to do it that way potentially. Because where you people are booking so far in advance where they've, you know, that's that's a new trend. Actually, we're gonna see less availability. Because this stuff's been booked up in advance a lot of the beds, the hotels, the seats on planes have already been taken. Because people have books so far in advance. When you come to this summer, let's say, you're not going to necessarily have the choice that you potentially would have had in previous years. So you're going to actually not quite lucky dip, but you're not going to have the same choice. So you might end up going to destinations you probably haven't planned on.
Dave  14:47
Yeah, yeah, we've seen suppliers, again, airline suppliers promoting earlier than they might normally do. You know, might have been post Christmas but we're seeing it a bit earlier. So I think the whole sort of schedule is changed,
Lauren  15:02
I think more sustained as well. Airlines operators are already putting on extra capacity going into next year and the year after, because the demand is so high. And like you said, Steve, it's not like an infinite number of seats on the plane and hotel rooms it is going to pick up.
Dave  15:18
I think one thing that we maybe have forgotten is the people that may be we're going to travel last summer, and didn't travel they then moved to next year. So they've already sort of moved their holiday for next year, which also will affect will affect capacity.
Steve  15:34
And I think that's from a consumer advice Quantum. It's not a sales gimmick. When your travel agent tells you about limited availability, it will actually be genuine, because they literally have already been rebooked, where people cancelled and reboots or people are planning that far ahead. Yeah.
Dave  15:53
Normally, you'd come into January Oh, and after Christmas, everyone go right, let's book a holiday and it would be pretty much empty and within the hotels and flights will be there to fill up. But now we're a little bit further down the track. Yeah,
Steve  16:06
definitely. Okay, so what else do we think is going to be trending destination wise, maybe.
Dave  16:12
We've got a few old favorites, Steve that I've been looking at that still going to be popular and short haul Tenerife, Turkey, New Yorker, always firm family favorites. And we are talking to one of the main suppliers talking about one of the most popular summer trips is two weeks, all inclusive for five star to those two or three destinations. And what I've seen as a next year is that families are going with other families. So it's bigger groups. So where you might just go in your own family with for three or four, whatever. People are going with other families and multi generational, so they're taking the grandparents, or I call the baby sitters, taking the grandparents with them on a multi generational trip. So I'm seeing bigger booking with more people on bookings than the normal.
Steve  17:04
And what do you think destination wise, Lauren?
Lauren  17:07
I think Egypt might be a big contender next year, it's always been a firm favorite. For me, obviously, it's great for scuba diving and things like that a great year on destination, but they've actually got a lot going on next year. So they're Celebrating a century of independence and also 100 years since Howard Carter discovered to to communes to they've got a big new opening of a museum in Cairo as well. So I think that's going to be one to watch. And a popular one to go to.
Steve  17:36
Egypt's always been a firm favorite first sort of luxury for less, isn't it an S is not to visit, like four hours on a plane.
Dave  17:44
Yeah. But for you. It's it's a good alternative. If you know, if people aren't going to Dubai or Amman, or you know, Egypt can be a great value. Fantastic for for diving and snorkeling as well. And it's great for pyramids and all that type of thing as well.
Lauren  18:01
Yeah. And the heat is great. So I went in March before mid 20s. It was lovely over there.
Steve  18:07
I actually went December a couple years back, did a water sports sort of holiday over there. Amazing, crystal clear sort of blue oceans, luxury hotels, and you know, so easy to get to. So you've said Egypt, I reckon Australia is going to be massive in 2022. Because it's been two years since people from UK have been able to go, it was always one of those big destinations. And loads of people got family over there. So you just I think you're going to probably struggle to get seats on a plane, because we're all going to be full in 2020.
Dave  18:44
Yeah, you're absolutely right. And I assume it and I'm I'm going back in 2023. And as soon as it's on sale, I'm booking it because I know it'd be hard to get but it's a combination, because it's a what we call VFR visiting friends and relatives traffic. But also, it's also a bucket list of milestone destination, and forms part of a lot of sort of round the world itineraries too. So I think you're right, it's there two years without any visitors. I think it's going to be very busy and which is great.
Steve  19:13
Brilliant. Any other trends Dave?
Dave  19:17
I still going on this year, I think what I'm seeing is I think Villa holidays are also going to be popular. One of those reasons is that you get your own space. So if you are going on holiday and you don't really want to mix with lots of other people, having a villa holidays is a great way to travel because you can you can do what you like to stay in a villa and you'll have a pool with the villa because why wouldn't you? You'd have a pool with the villa, you can take you know, go with other families or relatives as well and stay in there as much or go out as much and it also gives you a bit of freedom because you normally take a car when you have a villa holiday as well. So I see that being popular. Trending next year, stevia
Steve  20:00
Definitely, Lauren, I mean other trends you can see,
Lauren  20:04
I think not per se a particular destination. But I think the good old classic, all inclusive holidays are going popular as well. I think people want a week, 10 days, two weeks, everything done for them food ready lay by the pool, and I just have a bit of r&r. So
Steve  20:21
definitely, I reckon we'll see a trend also for activity holidays sort of fits in with what Dave was saying with the bucket list, but not as your bucket list. But just people wanting to do the the cycling the the water sports, the tennis type of things, because we are spending a lot more time cooped up inside these days. So I think we want to get out and do a lot more activities. The other big thing that I reckon we'll see is more focus on the environment, more sort of eco friendly initiatives, not necessarily holidays, where you sort of everything's totally environmentally friendly. But I think that will definitely be more of initiative, but people being more conscious about the way that they book, their travel, carbon offsetting type initiatives when they're booking and people just being more more conscious about how they book, what they book, where they go, and the impact it has on the environment. I guess we're already seeing that within the sort of the travel that we see and a lot more people making those decisions. But I think it will become almost second nature to make sure that's part of what you do and how you choose it moving forward as opposed to just book anything potentially.
Dave  21:40
And I think also on the back of that we're seeing traveled to I guess more eco friendly destinations Costa Rica for one, I'm seeing you know, what somebody I know, is out there right at this moment. I think that's that is we're seeing a lot of that as well.
Steve  21:58
Good stuff. And so I'm going to end on one, which is probably a natural one for us to talk about that might not be natural for other people. But I reckon we will see a huge swing towards more people booking through personal travel consultants, rather than booking through websites and going to the high street because there's so much more to think about these days, not in a stressful way. But people have questions people want to get answers. People just want to know how do I do this? How do I do that? Talk me through it because it feels like the world's moved on a little bit. Tell me what I need to know type of things. I think we'll see a lot more people choose to book of a travel consultant who's always at the end of the phone. And we see that a lot that way in terms of just being able to ring towards my personal travel consultant when I you know if I got a question from resort, on my way to the airport, what do I do type of thing.
Dave  22:50
We've seen we've seen that a massive increase in that and not only more people booking with for travel consultant, but what we've seen is people were spending more money to get flexibility and to have that support as well. We call it hand holding, you know, before, during and after your trip. So you know, it's okay. Sometimes you can book online, maybe save a couple of quid, but it's only when you need to talk to somebody at the moment, as you say, Steve, there's a lot to think about. And the phrase that I use that, you know, travel consultant will help you navigate through the ever changing travel landscape, and it can be a daily thing. They'll have their fingers on the pulse and they'll tell you exactly what you need to do. So definitely worth it and definitely will be a trend that will continue over the next few years.
Lauren  23:38
I fully agree with it. The way that we travel has changed is different now. And so I think having someone there to pick their brain ask their questions and for that reassurance as well was just something that you know, you can't get online.
Steve  23:50
Definitely have. So my final thought I have traveled a few times over the last couple of months to different countries. And it is actually easier than before. I know there's there's paperwork and stuff, but the people at the airports the people in resort, they're so helpful. And that just layers up behind having your own personal travel consultant to help you. And knowing that when you travel through the airports, it's like the airlines have all put on extra staff to help and talk you through everything. So it's easier than ever before.
Dave  24:20
Yeah, there's one great phrase I heard the other day from a customer who worked with a travel agent. And they said that if they hadn't, they said it to them. They said if I didn't have you I wouldn't be going on holiday. That's one of the best phrases I've heard over the last year or two.
Steve  24:36
Brilliant. Right. I think that's pretty inspiring. Lots of great things to look forward to in 2022. In a future episode, we'll actually look at what is trending once we are in 2022 and we can see what people aren't looking but that's our top tips for now. Thank you both very much for joining me today. If you like that want to listen to any of our previous episodes, check out our Facebook page, check out our website look back at some of the previous episodes, you can find us on all major podcasting platforms. There are lots and lots of different destinations and tips for travel. Check us out now and please also leave us a good five star review to encourage more people to listen. Thanks for listening.
Intro  25:16
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