4 Myths Debunked - Why Cruising Is Not What You Think...

A cruise holiday has traditionally been viewed as expensive, only for old people, claustrophobic, the list goes on. For some, the idea of what cruising is has clung onto some old-fashioned ideas and many people are surprised to find that this type of holiday is in fact for them.


It's time to scrap the stereotypes...

Taking the 4 most common myths about cruising, we’re here to set the record straight, to shed some light on why there is more to cruising than you might think. 

The following reasons might even convince you to trade in your land-based holiday and make your next holiday a cruise one.

1. They're expensive...

Quite often cruises are mistaken for being an expensive holiday that just isn’t affordable but this couldn’t be more wrong. 

When you breakdown what you get included, more often than not you’re actually bagging yourself a bargain.

Here’s what you can expect to get for your fare:

  • Full-board (minus a few speciality restaurants, your dining is covered)
  • On-board activities
  • Evening entertainment
  • Your cabin
  • Cinemas
  • Nightclubs
  • Casinos
  • Swimming pools
  • Plus more!


Activities can differ from ship to ship but sail on a Royal Caribbean cruise and you’re looking at activities such as rock climbing, mini-golf, waterslides, zip-lining and even a surf-simulator! Add the costs up of these separately on a land holiday and you’ll be burning a hole in your wallet. 

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2. They're boring...

You will never have to worry about being bored when it comes to cruising, even your days at sea will feel like you’re still on holiday.

A lot of ships sail overnight where possible allowing you to maximise your time in port and visit more destinations, but for those sea days you’ll find a whole array of activities and entertainment to partake in. 

You’re practically staying on a floating resort, some ships even have their own neighbourhoods! That means from the young ones to the young at heart, there really is something for everyone. From kid’s clubs to teen spaces where gaming lounges, video games and movie nights come as standard, the kids will be kept busy while the adults get a little time of their own. 

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3. You don't get enough time in port...

Sailing overnight allows your ship to dock in port, quite often you’ll wake up in the morning to find that you’ve already docked up and ready to get out exploring your new destination. 

Book your shore excursions before you sail, this means you’ve bagged yourself a seat on the coach to whisk you off for the day. By booking through your consultant on the ship recommended excursions, your guide will have you back to the ship ready to disembark for your new destination. 

One of the biggest advantages of cruising is that you get to visit multiple destinations during your trip, giving you more opportunity to see more of the world and exploring destinations you never would have considered. 



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4. It's only for old people...

This is a common misconception throughout first-time cruisers, but these ships aren’t reserved just for the retired. Onboard you’ll find something for all ages, so whether you’re travelling as a family, couple or even alone, you’re sure to feel right at home. 

On a cruise, the world really is your oyster! You can party until the early hours one night, then race down waterslides the next. All ages really are catered for when it comes to cruising. 

Most cruise lines are family-friendly, but just like resorts, you can often find an adults-only section for some R&R. Think whirlpools in the solarium or sunbathing on the deck with a bar nearby to quench your thirst with a fruity beverage. 

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